JET世界まつり2023・JET World Festival 2023

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World, Links, Toyama

JET World Festival Toyama 2023


Hello everyone! Here’s the latest information on this year’s JET World Festival (JET Fest 2023)!


Date/Time: Sunday, February 26th, 11 AM to 4 PM

場所:富山国際会議場 1F~3F

Place: Toyama International Conference Center, 1st-3rd Floors

JET世界まつり2023は世界の人々が富山で繋がる姿を思いながら「世界、キズナ、とやま」をテーマにしました。今年は今までのコーナーに加え、JET参加者と英語で自由に交流できるEnglish ChatとG7教育大臣会合を記念し、教育をテーマにパネルディスカッションも行う予定です。

This year’s JET Fest 2023 theme is “World, Links, Toyama,” centering around the idea of people from around the world becoming linked together in Toyama. In addition to our regular corners, to commemorate this year’s G7 Education Ministers’ Meeting, we are also planning a panel discussion focused on the topic of education, as well as an English Chat where visitors can freely use English with Toyama JETs!

「#toyamazing #amazingworld あなたがamazing(素晴らしい)と思うとやま、または世界の一瞬を写してください」

We’ll also be featuring our #toyamazing #amazingworld photo contest, where you can share up to two photos of amazing moments you’ve taken in Toyama or around the world.


We are currently accepting photo submissions.


Prizes will be given for the winning shots!



Please see the following link for more photo contest information:

では、2月26日 日曜日、皆様のご来場お待ちしております!

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, February 26th!

イベント趣旨/Event Objective


JET World Festival promotes cross-cultural understanding and multiculturalism featuring JET Programme CIRs and ALTs who work in all parts of Toyama. Come to interact with JETs and make connections with cultures from all over the world.

コーナー紹介/Corner Introductions

・国際ブース/International Booths

・世界いろいろ体験コーナー/Multicultural Experience Workshops

・ミニ言語カフェ/Mini Language Cafe (for languages other than English)

・English Chat

・ステージパフォーマンス/Stage Performances

・JETtalks(国際理解セミナー)(Multicultural Understanding Seminars)

・写真コンテスト/Photo Contest

・JETアート&デザイン展/JET Art and Design Exhibition



JET世界まつり2023実行委員会/JET Festival Executive Committee

共催/Also made possible by

富山県/Toyama Prefecture

後援/With support from


Toyama Prefecture Board of Education, Toyama International Center, Takaoka City, Takaoka City Board of Education, Kitanihon Shimbun, Toyama Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun Hokuriku Branch, Chunichi Shimbun Toyama Office, NHK Toyama, Kitanihon Broadcasting, Toyama Television, Tulip Television, Toyama Cable Television Association, Toyama FM


2022 Photo Contest Submissions and Results 2022年写真コンテスト作品及び受賞者


Thank you very much for the many masterpieces submitted to the JET WORLD FESTIVAL 2022 PHOTO CONTEST.
You can find the photos and the contest results at the webpage below.

📷 2022 Photo Contest Results

[重要なお知らせ] *2022年3月20日(日)*に延期になりました![Important] JET World Festival 2022 will be held on *March 20, 2022*!

Hi everyone! With the current high number of daily confirmed COVID-19 cases, we have decided to postpone JET World Festival 2022 to be held on *March 20 (Sunday), 2022*. We hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the festival as safely as possible.

The festival is expected to be held in its original capacity, at the same venue.


場所:ウィング・ウィング高岡 1F、4F、5F

Time: March 20th (Sun), 2022; 11:00 – 16:00
Place: Wing Wing Takaoka, Floors 1 & 4 & 5


We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Takaoka in the beautiful season of spring!

JET世界まつり2022を2月20日(日)に開催いたします・JET World Festival 2022 will be held on February 20th (Sunday)

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Hi everyone, long time no see! We are happy to announce that as of this weekend, the one-month countdown has started for JET World Festival 2022! Here is what you can expect for this year’s festival:

場所:高岡市ウィングウィング 1F&4〜6F
Time: February 20th (Sun), 2022; 11:00 – 16:00
Place: Wing Wing Takaoka, Floors 1 & 4 to 6

The theme of JET World Festival 2022 revolves around “circle,” which allows us to connect and expand. Regardless of nationality or background, it is because we make the effort to come out of our comfort zone that the world is such a connected place. The festival provides all with the opportunity to learn about the world and more importantly, to get to know each other.

今年は、CIRとALTによるステージパフォーマンス、世界いろいろ体験コーナー、国際ブース、国際理解セミナー(JET Talks」)&ミニ語学カフェ、アート&デザインコーナーなど、数多くのコーナーが設けられています。今年の新企画「縁あふれる富山 お互いを知る」インタビューでは、富山での暮らしをめぐって県内在住の外国人の声を動画で取り上げています。日本でもよく作っている母国の料理や、家族でお祝いする祝日など、ぜひご注目いただけたらと思います。
This year’s program features numerous corners such as stage performances, cultural experience workshops, international booths, “JET Talks” and Mini Language Café, and the Art&Design Corner, all prepared by the CIRs and ALTs of Toyama Prefecture. In addition, we are excited to present videos featuring the voices of foreigners currently living in Toyama. If you are curious to know what family cuisine they make and what holidays they celebrate, please be welcome to check out our interview broadcast!

さらに、皆様にもご投稿いただける写真コンテスト(#Toyamazing #amazingworld)で賞品をもらうことができます。詳しい参加・投稿方法については、ポスターのQRコードや以下のリンクからホームペイジにてご覧いただけたらと思います。
Furthermore, please don’t miss out on the opportunity to win a prize by participating in this year’s #Toyamazing#amazingworld Photo Contest. For more details on how to enter the contest, please check out our official website through the following link or directly from the QR code:
Photo Contest:

Through the wearing of masks, disinfection, and frequent ventilation, we aim to create an environment in which everyone can enjoy the festival as safely as possible. We are looking forward to seeing you on February 20th!

JET世界まつり2021 報告書・JET World Festival 2021 Report

This year’s JET World Festival ended on Sunday, March 14th.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who came and supported us.

We made a report this year as well.
You can download the report (PDF) from the link below.
JET世界まつり2021 報告書・JET World Festival 2021 Report 

Once again, the Executive Committee would like to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the JET World Festival 2021 and made it a success.
We hope to see you next year!

JET世界まつり2021 in 富山を無事終えることができました JET World Festival 2021 in Toyama was able to end safely

 Hello everyone! We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all those who attended the last JET World Festival 2021 in Toyama City CiC 3F on March 14th.

 In Toyama, we (CIRs and ALTs) could only provide presentations and exhibits, so in addition to presenting our home countries as before, we combined performances to make our presentations more interesting.
 In the Mini Language Classes, besides simple greetings, we introduced expressions from lyrics and the differences between Japanese and our languages, and we hope the participants enjoyed it. Also, we were delighted when they greeted us with clear pronunciation.

 Thanks to the cooperation from visitors and volunteers, JET World Festival 2021 was able to end safely. JET World Festival 2022 is scheduled in February next year, we hope to see you again at that time.
 Thank you very much!

2021 Photo Contest Submissions and Results 2021年写真コンテスト作品及び受賞者


Thank you very much for the many masterpieces submitted to the JET WORLD FESTIVAL 2021 PHOTO CONTEST.
You can find the photos and the contest results at the webpage below.

📷 2021 Photo Contest Results


3月14日(日)にCiC3階において「JET世界まつり2021 in 富山」を開催した後、忘れもの(マフラー、写真通り)が見つかりました。

現在、県総合政策局国際課 JET世界まつり2021実行委員事務局にて保管しております。

お心当たりの方は、チャム(月水金のみ、直通076-444-8873)もしくは toyama.jet.festival@gmail.comまでご連絡くださいませ。

2021年最後のJET世界まつり in 富山地区(CiC3階)のプログラム The program for the last round of JET World Festival 2021 in the Toyama region (CiC 3F)

皆さん、こんにちは!JET世界まつり in 黒部に来てくださった方々に誠にありがとうございます!2021年3月14日(日)に、富山駅前の富山ステーションフロントCiC3階で「JET世界まつり2021 in 富山」を開催します!
Hello everyone! Thanks again to all of you who came to JET World Festival in Kurobe last weekend! We will be having our final festival for the year, “JET World Festival 2021 in Toyama,” on March 14th (Sunday), 2021 in “Toyama Station Front” CiC on the 3rd Floor!

(Details are below)

Study Rooms 1, 2, and 3 of the Civic Study Corner: JET Talks
At this corner, you can enjoy listening to presentations given by us foreign residents of Toyama about our home countries and experiences in Japan. You will also have the opportunity to do handicrafts and/or try foreign martial arts. So why not come and deepen your international understanding? Besides Japanese, there will also be presentations in English, so if you want to practice please come and join us!

Meeting Rooms 1 and 2 of Toyama Cosmopolitan Association (TCA): Mini Language Classes
In addition to the mother tongues of the five countries with the largest number of foreign residents living in Toyama Prefecture (Vietnamese, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Philippine Tagalog, and Korean), you can also learn basic French, Spanish and Indian Telugu at this corner.

Meeting Room 3 of the Toyama Cosmopolitan Association (TCA): JET Art&Design Exhibition and #Toyamazing Photo Contest
The JET Art&Design Exhibition showcases artwork created by Toyama’s JET Programme participants. You can also admire wonderful photos of places in Toyama Prefecture taken by us and vote for your favorite in the #Toyamazing Photo Contest. Let us know that you voted and you will receive a limited-edition JET World Festival button! Don’t miss out!

Meeting Room 4 of Toyama Cosmopolitan Association (TCA): Country Panel Exhibition
We are also going to display panels introducing our home countries.

COVID-19 Prevention Measures & Pre-registration
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, thorough measures are being taken to ensure everyone’s safety at JET World Festival.
– Please remember to wear a mask at all times.
– As you enter the venue, we kindly ask that you sanitize your hands and comple the visitor form.
– If you have a smartphone, you can complete the visitor form online by scanning our QR code. Input your information using the link below to complete the pre-registration. So long as we receive your information by March 13th (Sat), you will be admitted by simply letting the staff know your name.
*However, if you have had a fever and/or have felt unwell within the last 2 weeks, please refrain from visiting the venue.